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Ring is a company that was founded in 2012 and they specialize in doorbells and security cameras. Currently, Ring app download has over 3 million customers company has been valued at $760 million. Is doorbell and security camera app that was released in October of 2017. Company has been around for just over six years and they have constantly been growing and expanding. Application is constantly improving their products and trying to make them more effective and efficient. Product Ring app Windows is constantly looking for ways to better their services and their products. Is an application that allows you to answer the door via your phone, computer, or tablet.

Can connect to many devices such as doorbells, door locks, alarms, motion sensors. Download Ring app is smart home company that has been working on and perfecting these devices for over three years. First had the doorbell and then added door lock. Company has recently released a new product that has been on market for a few months now. Has been on the market for three years, has been perfected with quality, security.


Software is available on iOS, Android as well as some desktop computers. You can connect your install Ring app to your device, some other devices. Interface is simple and user-friendly. Application allows user to select the color of the doorbell cover to match the style of the doorbell. It allows the user to select default settings for the doorbell. There are settings for the user’s phone, such as turning sound on or off, turning the volume up or down, setting the camera to show video or still images.

When you sign up for the service, you can either have Ring Windows send you a keypad, or have one installed to your door. From here, you simply connect to your wireless network. You can then set up motion alerts so you know when someone is outside. Has an emergency button that immediately alerts police.

Home security system that is well-designed, simple to use, affordable. It works with Alexa provide an extra layer of security to your home. Software offers variety of options for protecting your home, including a doorbell, two-way video doorbell, security cameras, more. Doorbell has a 1080p HD camera that can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet. It features 2-way audio, night vision, motion detection, more. Product Ring application is compatible with IFTTT, which is a great feature for people who want customize their security system. Is unique in that it offers unlimited video storage for up to one day. You can watch back any footage at any time as long as it takes place in past 24 hours.


Application is easy to use. You can easily set up your device with your application. You can receive notifications on your Ring install app for any motion, alarm, or devices activated. Has a very easy to use interface that allows a user to customize their system as they see fit. Application is user-friendly as well as prompt and reliable. There are a few small issues with application, but for the most part, it is easy to use.


You can use Ring download PC answer your door, see who is at the door, talk person at the door, then tell them to leave or not. You can set up your app notify you for motion, motion detectors, or alarms. Application has a nice functionality. It has a simple interface, easy-to-understand functionality. You can easily press “ring” button in order to talk to person at your door. Software has a “turn off” button that will turn off your doorbell.


Application Ring download for Windows has a good support system. Customer service is available 24/7. Has a prompt and reliable customer service department that is ready to answer any question a user may have. They are very prompt and helpful with any issue a user may have with application.


  • How does the Ring free app work?
    Product listens for the alert that is sent out when a device detects motion or a loud noise. Will automatically show the livestream from device.

  • What if my phone is stolen?
    You can login with your account and use your Google Home to arm and disarm your system. If you have a doorbell, you can also use our Protect plan to protect your home, record any motion detected.

  • Where can I buy a Ring APK?
    Is available on website and on Amazon.

  • How does application work?
    Is a free mobile application that makes it easy for people to share their live streaming video on their mobile device.


Software free Ring app is a home video doorbell and security system. It has a sleek design and it is a one of a kind device. App is a program that can be installed on a smart phone or tablet to control doorbell. It is very easy to install with a quick set up. Interface is very easy to use and navigate. It is very functional and there are many features that can be used. Support is great they offer a lot of help. Software computer Ring is a great program for a doorbell and security system.

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